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Summing up the past year (a little late) ^^
2014 was a very difficult. For this year I made 170 photoshoots!
Thank you very much to all who have been with me throughout this year)
And I believe that the new year will bring a lot of new experiences and more new friends. I will keep doing all my best!!!
Hi guys!
good news!!! very soon I will be in Madrid (20-27 September)
on this convention:…
I'll be in the jury and will hold a workshop at the convention)
Be free come to me and talk ^^ I'm glad to make friends )))
As well I'll be glad to see all of whom I met last trip)
Also all the time in Madrid will spend photoshoots *0*
See you soon in Madrid! ^^
p.s. Sorry for my bad english >.<

I took about 120 cosplay photoshoots in the 2013th year.
I visited many countries: China, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Polish and also nearby Russia and Belorus.I met many cosplayers and hope we will be good friends.
And I want to thank all of you, who supported me and who helped me to evolve during that tough year.

Hi guys!!! Great news! I'm going to the convention in Bucharest - Otaku festival :3
I hope I can meet there a lot of good cosplayers)
Maybe some of my watchers will come on this conventions? maybe someone would like to meet whith me…

Hi guys, I'm going to the convention in Barcelona OCTOBER 31ST TO SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3RD 2013. This is the first time when Im going to the festival abroad (don't mention the festivals and conventions in Russia and Belarus) I hope I can find new friends. Maybe I'll find some of my watchers on this convention. I'd be happy to meet, to communicate or to make photos.
I'm going to visit People's Republic of China
Maybe some of you, my watchers, will be near following places  
05-07.05 Shanghai
07-11.05 Hangzhou
So, if you would like to meet with me or make a little photoshoot, you're welcome :3

Hi, guys!
I'd like to invite you to visit J-Days in Kiev, Ukraine, which is organized by me and my friends  on May 3 - 5  .
It's a Japanese  modern culture festival . For More details visit…
It'll be great  if you participate  as  cosplayers , the  Cosplay show will be a part of this festival.

Apart from the festival you'll enjoy the beauty of Kiev which I'll gladly show to you.
In case you need an accommodation, I will try to assist you.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime)
Hope to see you in Kiev in May! **
Elena (Pugoffka)

It was a very difficult but productive year. Many thanks to all who have been with me throughout the year, all the people who helped me get better in photography. I really appreciate all of you *^____^*
Hi, guys
I want to ask for your assistance.
If anyone who lives in Chine could help me with ordering items from (cosplay ,wigs and other stuff)
It would be a great help.
Please, contact me here or anytime
Thanks a lot!

Hi, guys :3
I have recently made my public page on facebook.
Facebook has more possibilities for creating photoalbums with many pictures.
So, I will upload full photoshoots to FB ^^
Hope you will enjoy my photos and like my page *0*
I'm going to visit Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic from 22.09 to 30.09
Maybe some of you, my watchers, will be near following places
22.09   Beregsurany, Hungary  >  Tokaj, Hungary
23.09   Tokaj, Hungary  >  Hallstatt, Austria
24.09   Hallstatt, Austria
25.09   Hallstatt, Austria > Salzburg, Austria
26.09   Salzburg, Austria
27.09   Salzburg, Austria > Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
28.09   Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
29.09   Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic > Beregsurany, Hungary
So, if you would like to meet with me or make a little photoshoot, you're welcome :3
I'm photographer, besides, I also a cosplayer, so I decided to make an account on the world
link on my profile
I hope you like my cosplay :3
This summer I'm going to Beijing. It would be a great pleasure to meet people who are addicted to cosplay and to make some cosplay photosessions. Please, write me a message, if you are interested. :3